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About Us All breeds are welcome! We have full medical care for all animals!

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About Us & FAQ

I have more than one dog can they share?

Yes - we can cater for more than one dog from the same family to share one of our kennels.

I have more than one cat can they share?

Yes - we are fully equipped to house up to 4 cats from the same family in one of our family suites.

What do you feed the pets?

We supply high quality, nutritious food with which to feed your pets, or alternatively we are more than happy to feed them with food you provide if you’d prefer.

Will my animals be happy?

We reassure all customers that their animals will be more than happy during their stay with us, caring for them as if they were our own.

Do you inject for diabetes?

Unfortunately we are not qualified to perform diabetes injections, but are always able to contact a local, reputable vet if required.

Do I need to bring beds, bowls etc?

At Pipwood Kennels & Cattery, we provide everything your pet will need for their stay. All we require from you is a vaccination card, any required medication and - of course - the pet themselves!

What vaccinations do my pets need?

All dogs require the annual vaccination, where cats are required to have the annual flu and Enteritis inoculation. For rabbits and guinea pigs, an up-to-date check up at the vet is required before being brought to board with us.

Does our dog need kennel cough vaccine?

We ask that any dogs coming to board at our kennels have been inoculated with the kennel cough vaccine, ensuring that no canines staying with us are carrying the virus and thus eliminating the chance of it being spread in communal areas.

General Information & Responsibility

Your pet’s personal effects, such as their blankets and toys can be brought with them for their stay. However, it is important to note that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to them or their loss during your pet’s stay with us.

Owners are welcome to come and view the facilities here prior to dropping their pets with us, but should note that once their animal is installed in one of our kennels or runs, we do not allow visits since this can unsettle the animals. To find out when you can visit our friendly facilities, see our contact page.

Pipwood Kennels

Please note that when bringing a cat to stay with us, they must be brought in a suitable cat carrier which can then be left with us throughout the duration of your cat’s stay here at Pipwood Kennels & Cattery.

We are committed to keeping your animals safe, healthy and happy, but in the event of any illness or injuries that may happen to your pets, we reserve the right to contact a local veterinary surgeon to any of the animals staying with us. All veterinary fees are the responsibility of the pet’s owner, unless your animal is insured under the Pipwood Kennels & Cattery policy. All animals should have up-to-date vaccinations, and though it is not obligatory that your animals are treated for fleas, we strongly advise it.

Still have a few questions? Please call us and we will answer any further questions you may have

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